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Our Core Belief & Core Values

Our Core Belief about sport and physical activity

Our core belief is that participation in sport and physical activity is good for you, your family and your community.  It brings people together.  It is good for our physical, mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing and contributes to a better quality of life. We want everyone to have opportunities to participate at their chosen level.  We believe sport and physical activity enrich our lives.

While our core belief shapes our fundamental thinking and attitude to sport and physical activity, we recognise that the manner in which we approach our work, internally and externally, is of critical importance in realising our goals and objectives.

Our approach will be underpinned by our Core Values:

RESPECT – We will cultivate an awareness of the impact of words and actions on others and use words and actions to maximise positive and minimise negative impact.
– We will seek to listen to others without having a pre-determined position and seek to understand and respond to their perspective.
– We will respect the time of all by being punctual, prepared for each engagement and effective in how time is used.
– We will recognise that others may have values and beliefs which are different to our own and are worthy of respect.
TRUST – We will engage with collaborators and partner organisations in a spirit of trust while maintaining such checks and balances as are demanded by good governance.
– We will take personal responsibility for our own decisions and actions and not seek to deflect the consequences away from us.
– We will act in an ethical manner and provide an honest return for invested resources.
– We will avoid deliberate misrepresentation of others’ points of view.
RELATIONSHIPS – We will be conscious that our engagements require the establishment and maintenance of positive, effective and respectful relationships and will pursue those engagements in that context.
– We will be transparent at all times in our dealings with individuals and groups within and external to WSP.
INCLUSION – We will consciously consider the impact of our words and actions on excluded and marginalised groups and individuals and consider what actions are needed to maximise engagement and access to our services and activities.
– We will approach our work in a spirit of embracing diversity and promoting equality of service.
– We will monitor our behaviour towards socially excluded groups and individuals to eliminate unconscious bias and to achieve and maintain best practice in this regard.
– We will consciously seek to ensure that by our own behaviour all feel welcome to engage with us and participate in our activities.
FUN – In designing our programmes and activities we will recognise the importance of a positive experience and prioritise enjoyment in the sporting and physical activity and in the environment and manner in which we work.
– While we will address serious matters in a serious manner, we will seek to do so with a relaxed and positive attitude.
– We will seek to engage with all stakeholders in a positive manner which maximises positive returns to all.



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Waterford Sports Partnership

Waterford Sports Partnership (WSP) was established in 2002 by Sport Ireland (formerly the Irish Sports Council) as part of the Local Sports Partnership initiative with the aim of increasing participation in sport and physical activity in County Waterford.

Sport Ireland

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Waterford Sports Partnership Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG)
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Civic Offices
Co. Waterford

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Civic Offices
Co. Waterford
Tel: 058 21194

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