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Waterford Camogie Participation Initiative

Published: December 17, 2018

Waterford Camogie Participation Initiative to develop and improve the skills of girls born in 2005, 2006 & 2007 (more…)

Playground Markings | STENCILS

Published: December 5, 2018

We secured funding from the HSE to purchase a new stencil kit for Playground Markings for preschool and primary school settings in Waterford. (more…)

Gymnastics Teacher Training

Published: December 5, 2018

Waterford Sports Partnership and Waterford Gymnastics Club have teamed up to deliver a Gymnastics Teacher Training session for primary school teachers who deliver Gymnastics as part of the P.E Curriculum. (more…)

Swimming for Schools

Published: November 29, 2018


Get Ireland Swimming (GIS) is a participation initiative which helps more people to get involved in swimming. We offer a range of skill based lessons to schools, such as ‘Learn to Swim’ lessons, classroom resources and introduction to other aquatic sports, like waterpolo and diving. Our programmes are included in the Active Schools programme too! All participants will receive a Get Ireland Swimming hat, goggles and bag.

Swimming is a vital life skill, especially when living on the coast. GIS helps school children to learn and improve their swimming skills by assisting schools with pool hire, swim instructors and transportation, while also learning in a fun environment.

To find out how your school can get involved email

Pre-School Balance Bike Training

Published: October 24, 2018

What is it about?

We deliver Balance Bike Training to pre-schools. To date 18 preschool centres had availed of this training. This training involves a WSP staff member delivering a 20 minute session on your premises with your childcare facility staff observing and assisting in the session. We then allocate you with the appropriate number of balance bikes and helmets for a three week period.

The aim of the training is:
– To ensure children can steer a balance bike
– To ensure children can stop on a balance bike
– To ensure children experience different speeds on a balance bike
– For children to ‘glide’ on the balance bike with feet off the floor
– For childcare staff to have confidence and a resource to facilitate balance bike activities in a safe and enjoyable manner.

When/where does it take place?
Balance Bikes takes place on your pre-school premises.

How do we get involved?

Teachers are invited to attend a Balance Bike Training Course.  On completion of the training, the school will have the use of 15 bikes and 15 helmets to roll
out the programme.

Cost: This training is FREE

For more information or to book a training session for your pre-school please contact: 
Louise Barry on 076 110 2619 or

Primary School Balance Bike Training

Published: October 24, 2018

What is it about?

The aim of the programme is to develop and improve the physical literacy of young children through the use of balance bikes. It is appropriate for children in
pre-school, junior infants and senior infant’s classes. The programme focuses on play and games both indoors and outdoors while developing the physical literacy of the young children mainly through ABC’s- (Agility, Balance, Coordination) on and off the bikes.

When/where does it take place?
Balance Bikes takes place on your school premises once the Teacher Training has been attended and the allocation of bikes arranged with WSP.

How do we get involved?

Teachers are invited to attend a Balance Bike Training Course.  On completion of the training, the school will have the use of 15 bikes and 15 helmets to roll
out the programme.

Cost: €75 per school
Includes:  2 hour Teacher Training | WSP Resource | 15 Bikes & Helmets | Bike Delivery | Bike Maintenance and Programme Support

To register your interest, please complete this online
Expression of Interest Form

Orienteering Teacher Training

Published: October 8, 2018

Fifteen teachers from twelve different primary schools around Waterford City and County took part in our Orienteering Teacher Training last Friday October 5th at WIT Arena. This training was delivered by Mick Farrell from the Irish Orienteering Association.

Even though the day was cold and wet, the teachers weren’t long warming up as they took part in many fun games and team challenges. The teachers learned numerous orienteering games which they could use to introduce their students to the sport. They also got an opportunity to partake in an orienteering course which got very competitive!

After lunch, the group learned how to create their own course on maps using the software ‘purple pen’. All participants left with a resource pack for their school which included kites, control cards and an array of games which can be played anywhere with very little equipment. Schools are also being mapped in the coming weeks, so that they can complete orienteering on-site.

Teachers were present on the day from the following schools: Passage East N.S;  Garranbane N.S; Glor Na Mara, Tramore;  Waterford Educate Together NS, Crehana N.S.; Rathgormack N.S.; Bunscoil Bhothar Na Naomh;  Scoil Mhuuire, Abbeyside; Holy Family Junior N.S.; Scoil Gharbháin; St Joseph’s Special School, Waterford.

A special word of thanks to WIT Arena for providing us with the facility and the Irish Orienteering Association for delivering such a fantastic, informative course.
For more information on Orienteering opportunities in Waterford please contact:
Eadaoin on 0761 102199 or email

Walking Bus

Published: October 4, 2018

A walking school bus is a healthy, environmentally conscious, safe and fun way to travel to and from school. It is a scheme that involves parent volunteers walking children to
school along a set route.

Check out this useful resource which will give you tips on how to start up a Walking Bus at your school.

Walking Bus Start Up

Playground Markings

Published: October 4, 2018

Traditionally, playground games have always been an integral part of childhood leisure time, which is not surprising given the fact that children can spend up to 21% of their time at school
in the playground. As well as offering children an opportunity to be physically active during the day, games played during break time also provide children with a vehicle for social
interaction and a platform for creativity.

Current physical activity guidelines recommend that young people should participate in physical activity that is developmentally appropriate, enjoyable, and of at least moderate intensity for one hour per day. Young people who currently do little activity should participate in physical activity of at least moderate intensity for at least half an hour per day. At least twice a week, some of these activities should help to enhance and maintain muscular strength and flexibility, and bone health.

Playground Markings and Games are a great way to increase the level of school based physical activity and play as well as increasing the number of children who are active during school time.


Playground Markings Tips

Published: October 4, 2018

The aim of Playground Markings is to increase the opportunities for school based activity and play as well as increasing the number of children who are active.
Here are some useful tips if your school is planning on putting markings down.


It is advisable to take on this project in collaboration with the board of management of the school, staff and the parents/community.

Appoint a Project Leader that will be involved in the process from start to finish. The project leader in collaboration with the management/staff and administration should determine the primary intent of the markings prior to initiating the painting process.


Training is an integral piece of the process. Consideration should be given as to how to train teachers and support staff to utilise the markings during lunch/ break times. Training should include not only how to use the markings, but also incorporating teacher reinforcement cues to promote physical activity.

Parents Council Committee | Fundraising Effort | Department of Education – Minor Works Grant
Department of Education – Summer Work Scheme | Contact Department of Education – School Planning | Department of Rural and Community Development

This can vary depending upon who puts down the markings, here are 3 options:
Option 1 – Employing a professional can cost between €1,000 and €2,000.
Option 2 – Hire a community Artist, borrowing the stencils from WSP or HSE
Option 3 – Parents/Caretaker/PTA. This will cost around €50 for the paint but it is recommended to use line marking paint and discuss this with experts prior to buying this. Line Marking Paint’ is recommended for the long term wear of the games – best suited for tarmacadam but also works on cement. Line Marking Paint’ is toxic and masks should be worn when putting down the markings.


If the decision has been made to engage with a local artist, it is recommended to have a consultant process to assist with layout design and the actual painting process. The artist consultant, along with the project leader and other school representatives, can help develop a layout design plan that details where the playground markings will be located.


Prior to painting the markings, the areas to be painted need to be cleaned and swept as much as possible. The paint will adhere best to a clean surface. Ideally, the areas to be painted should be power-washed and allowed to dry completely before any paint is applied (e.g., a day or two before painting). Additionally, on the day painting will take place it is recommended that the area be swept and/or cleaned again with a leaf/yard blower to remove any loose dirt, etc. shortly before applying paint.


Having school staff and parent volunteers involved in this aspect of the project is essential. The painting process will go much faster and more smoothly if parent/school volunteers help paint the markings. Having volunteers plan to be available for at least a couple of hours or more is helpful. The painting process typically occurs in phases with the organization and preparation happening at the outset. For instance, confirming the placement of the markings, sweeping/blowing the areas to be painted, organizing and preparing the paint supplies (e.g., brushes, water, etc.).

Stencils for Playground Markings can be borrowed from Waterford Sports Partnership or the HSE.
Please contact Louise Barry on 0761 10 2619 or email
or alternatively…. Health Promotion Office, HSE – South, St. Catherine’s Hall, Waterside, Waterford Tel: 051 842911

You can use road-marking paint (lasts longer but only available in yellow and white)
You can use acrylic outdoor masonry paint (it is water based and non-toxic, available in a wide range of colours (primary colours are best) and costs approx. €40 per gallon)


Contact Louise Barry from Waterford Sports Partnership or Susan Scully from the HSE to arrange training for teachers and older children demonstrating how to play the games.
This workshop is essential to maximise the potential of the markings.
Health Promotion Office | HSE – South | St Catherine’s Hall | Waterside | Waterford | Tel: 051 842911
Susan Scully| HSE | Health Promotion | Tel: 051 846714
Louise Barry | Waterford Sports Partnership | Tel: 0761 10 2619

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