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Activator Pole User Guide

Setting Up the Activator Poles
How do I lock the poles?
You can adjust the poles by way of a button-lock.  The button lock ensures that the poles are locked securely for general weight bearing and resistance exercises.

  • Pull the lower section of the pole out.
  • Note the white/silver stripe and line it up in the adjustment holes.
  • Pull the lower section downward until the metal button pops in one of the holes.
  • Depress the button and adjust up/down to achieve the desired hole.
    Ensure the button clicks securely into place.
  • Check the number on the pole and repeat the ‘button-lock system’ with the other pole.

How do I set the height for the poles?
The correct height for the poles can be checked with elbows tucked in to the sides place the poles forward and vertical. In this position you should have a 90-degree angle at your elbow when holding the poles.

Please check that the bell shape tips at the bottom of the poles are secure this helps to ensure that the poles remain upright while in use and they also offer greater stability. Avoid gripping the handles tightly. Practice wrapping your hands and wriggling your fingers.

How do I check the handles?

  1. Hold the activator poles in the correct hands. The handles are marked L and R.
    The pointed end of the handles should always face forward.
  2. Wrap and Wriggle: Wrap the fingers all the way around the handles and twiddle the fingers to ensure the grip is soft!
  3. Edge on Ledge: Let the lower edge of the hands rest on the ledge at the base of the handles.
  4. Posture UP! Tuck the elbows in by the sides and place both poles in a forward, vertical position. Raise the shoulders UP, BACK & DOWN and look forward!

How do I use the Poles?
The activator pole technique is an exaggeration of the natural/ normal walking movement where an arm swings forward as the opposite foot steps forward. Ensure that the arm holding the activator pole is greatly extended each time, this will result in a longer stepping action. Plant each pole into the ground. After planting continue to press down onto the ledge until it is picked up again. Avoid gripping the handles tightly.

Article Modified: October 14, 2022 1:45 pm

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