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20×20 Clubs Charter

Published: March 5, 2020

20×20 is about creating a cultural shift in our perception of girls and women in sport. By increasing visibility of women’s sport it will become a greater part of who we are and what we follow. There is already so much to celebrate when it comes to women’s sport in Ireland, but there isn’t enough noise. The initiative seeks to change the subliminal bias in the Irish psyche that exists around girls and boys, or women and men, when it comes to sport. The name of the initiative is shorthand for 20% by 2020, these are the targets set for the initiative:

20% more media coverage of women in sport by the end of 2020
20% more female participation whether at player, coach, referee or administration level by the end of 2020
20% more attendance at women’s games and events by the end of 2020

This isn’t a ‘women for women’ initiative, it’s ‘all of society for all of society’. If sport is good, which we know it to be, then more sport is better. If we all play, we all win. 20×20 is asking all sections of Irish society to show their stripes and pledge one small action to increase the visibility of women’s sport in Ireland because if she can’t see it, she can’t be it.

20×20 is excited to offer clubs the opportunity to champion the 20×20 movement in your community. We know that sports clubs are the heartbeat of many of our communities making sport happen in villages, towns and cities across the island of Ireland every day. Your club can have a real and lasting impact on women and girls in your community becoming more active and more involved in sport in any capacity.

Benefits of signing up to the Charter:
• The club benefits from the public support and positive PR associated with supporting a drive towards gender equality in sport.
• As a 20×20 Club Member, you will receive a 20×20 Club Member Flag which can be displayed at your club house/ training facility/events.
• You will receive a 20×20 Member Club Charter to display in your club house/ training facility.
• The right to display ‘Member of 20×20’ logo on website, social media channels and communications. Strengthened public perception of the importance of women and girls in sport in your club and locality, along with its contribution in terms of the economy and generating social capital.


20×20 Pillars
Pillar 1: Increasing Media Coverage
Actively increasing visibility of our female teams/athletes and club competitions at all levels by 20% by the end of 2020.
Pillar 2: Increasing Participation
Actively increase female participation at player, coach, referee, volunteer or administration level by an overall average of 20% by the end of 2020.
Pillar 3: Increasing Attendance at female sports events/games
Actively promoting and planning to increase attendance at female sports games and events by 20% by the end of 2020.

Below are some suggestions and ideas for your club’s three actions, but please feel free to create your own. These agreed actions should be realistic and also progressive in your club.

1.Increasing visibility (media coverage):
• All members (and all sports where applicable) will be represented in our club news in the local newspaper, newsletters, noticeboards, posters and on our social media channels.
• We will have live tweets and match/event updates at the women’s and girl’s events.
• We will profile both female and male athletes on posters, noticeboards, social media, events/medal presentations, club correspondence, and marketing assets etc.
• We will publicise all club fixtures/ events/ matches (if possible, together with boy’s and men’sevens).
• We will create opportunities for double headers and dual events in the club. We will look at the order of these double headers so at times male events are followed by female events.
• (If applicable) We will have underage girls’ teams/athletes participating at half time/during breaks of adult fixtures/ events (men’s and women’s).
• We will have joint club events, fundraisers or taster/ open days for girls and boys.
• We will publicly show that we are a 20×20 Member Club by ensuring the Flag, Charter and our 20×20 three actions are visible in the club and online.

2.Increasing participation:
• We will establish a girls or women’s membership in our club.
• We will organise a participation-focused event to highlight what is available for local girls and women to encourage them to try the sport and be more active.
• We will run a recruitment drive with schools in the area using the club-school link running events with local school, college or with another club.
• We will put a schedule in place for allocation of equipment, coaching, training facilities and pitch times for all athletes and teams.
• We will create coaching opportunities for our club’s female members and players.

3. Increasing attendance at female sports events/games:
• We will encourage families and the whole community to go to club events irrelevant of whether it is a women’s event or a men’s event.
• We will encourage all members to attend and tune into female sporting events across all sports.
• We will share details of events with the local school, college and within our community.
• We will encourage those at the sporting events or matches to share details on social media with comments, pictures, ‘check in’, and encourage them to #ShowYourStripes.

Article Modified: March 05, 2020 10:13 am

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